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Please give me the following tools to build a close, intimate relationship with my email list…. Create deep desire for what I sell… And turn my email subscribers into happy clients:

Email templates for every occasion. I’m getting the license to use a wide-ranging (and growing) library of proven email templates which I can customize for my business in just a few minutes. 
  •  My library comes pre-loaded with emails to welcome new subscribers to my list, demonstrate my expertise, sell to them and drive them to my content, so that I can step up my email marketing efforts immediately
  •  Over the coming months, I’ll also get access to powerful email templates that persuade subscribers to buy what I sell… create interest and engagement… and bring cold prospects back into the fold... positioning me as a market leader and obvious choice.
  •  I’m excited to know there are also email campaigns for driving readers to webinars where I can sell to them… telling powerful stories that capture their attention --- and much more.
  •  I’ll get a pre-filled-in example for each email, so I can easily see how each template works and can quickly put it to work. 
  •  Each template includes pointers teaching me about the copywriting technique that makes it so powerful, so that I build my marketing expertise and unlock the secrets that make subscribers buy.
Planning-and-monitoring calls with the Brainstorm team.

Joining today gives me the peace of mind regarding my email marketing. Every quarter, I’ll get to plan my next series of emails with an email marketing expert, to make sure that I’m sending out the right material in the right order to profit from my list. 

They’ll also evaluate how my emails performed over the past three months, and suggest valuable tweaks and changes so that I get the best results possible moving forward. 

I understand that I get all of this at a fraction of what I’d expect to pay to have a single email sequence written from scratch. 

Not only that, I’m getting Inbox Express at the special launch price of just $700 per quarter, which is a generous $150, or 18% discount from what it will sell for once the launch is over. 

Bonus Material
Plus, I’m also getting a valuable bonus only available to new subscribers who join during this time-limited promotion:

You’ll show me how to get my emails read by many more people, with your special report on how to write a persuasive subject line that entices my readers to open my messages. The report also includes over 100 subject lines I can draw inspiration from or customize for my business, so that I never have to start writing a subject line from scratch again.
Your Guarantee…..
I am fully committed to increasing engagement and profits from my email list and agree to follow the easy-to-implement, step-by-step plan set out for me during our quarterly calls, and send out a customized template each week.

You will stand behind your cast-iron guarantee which states that if I’m not fully satisfied following the plan we develop together for the first quarter, I’ll get another 3-month license to use the templates and an additional planning-and-monitoring call, entirely free.  

I am ready to get started. 
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“Our weekly emails have had a big impact on our business.”
“Our weekly emails have had a big impact on our business. We wanted to look and sound different and we’ve succeeded.

The emails are engaging and fun. People constantly write back to us and interact, and we’ve built quite a following. Most importantly, we’ve seen lots of opportunities since almost every email is built around a particular service we offer. 

Our subscribers have really come to understand what we do and they want it. It’s been a big success."
-- John Buttress, 
Managing Director, Sales and Marketing, Punter Southall Aspire
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